911 In Nepal

911 in Nepal

Are you wondering where to call for emergency assistance while travelling to Nepal? Continue reading to know more about the numbers that are 911 equivalent in Nepal.

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Emergencies can arise at any time and place. You might encounter various circumstances in your journey that require proper help and assistance. Therefore, all travellers must remain well prepared and plan in advance. One essential aspect of any travel is to note down all the emergency numbers of the place.

Every country has an emergency number or multiple numbers for people in distress. While 911 in the US and 999 in the UK is quite famous, there are such numbers in Nepal as well. Now you might wonder what is 911 in Nepal? In fact, there is not one but multiple numbers in Nepal where you can call for help. These multiple numbers are for different types of emergencies.

You can note down these numbers on your phone or a piece of paper. By doing so, you will get immediate assistance from respective authorities. We have listed the emergency numbers that you might require while travelling to this tiny Himalayan nation. Read on to know more about the 911 equivalent in Nepal.

What is 911 in Nepal?

Dial 100 for police

If you require police assistance and protection anywhere around Nepal, you can dial 100.

Dial 102 for ambulance service

If you need an ambulance service to reach the nearest hospital, you can dial 102.

Dial 101 for fire

You can dial 101 if you are in fire-related emergencies and require help from the fire department.

Dial 103 for traffic control

If you are stuck in a traffic-related situation, you can dial 103 for help from the traffic department.

Dial 104 for a child missing

You can dial child protection services at 104 if you want assistance in finding a missing child.

Dial 197 for telephone inquiry

If you want to make any telephone enquiry around the country, you can dial 197.

Assistance from ourside

If you tried to contact the above equivalent numbers and did not get the right assistance, you can call us. We will help you to get the right assistance with our best effort.

We recommend travelling with us so that you can get all kind of emergency help and assistance with no hegitation.

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