Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour In June

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour in June

The Everest Base Camp helicopter tour is an incredible way to experience the grandeur of the world’s tallest mountain, Everest, in just one day. Through helicopter rides, you can relish the best bird’s-eye views of the mountains, mountainous landscapes, and scenery in a very short duration. The Everest Base Camp helicopter tour is a surreal experience in June of exploring the sheer magnificence of the Everest region and its Himalayas.

A 4-5 hour short helicopter tour to EBC in June is the quickest way to explore the impressive view of snow-covered mountain peaks from viewpoints like Everest View Hotel and Kalapatthar within a concise period. June is the beginning of the monsoon with clear skies and quite stable weather conditions. As monsoon rain typically falls in the later days of June, the early weeks of this month offer clear mornings and the best visibility, which is suitable for helicopter flights to Everest Base Camp.

An Everest Base Camp helicopter tour during the delightful time of June treats you to the unobstructed panorama of the phenomenal snowy mountains. Although there can be occasional afternoon clouds, the mornings and days are usually clear, allowing you to enjoy the impeccable natural beauty of the region. As June offers pleasant weather and a refreshing Himalayan environment, it is an idle time for the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour.

The Everest Base Camp helicopter tour offers you outstanding vistas of majestic Khumbu Himalayas, including Everest, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, Gaurishankar, Kangtega, Pumori, Dorje Lakpa, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Jugal Himal, Makalu, Ama Dablam, Island Peak, Taboche, Lobuche, Thamserku, Nuptse and many more. Plus, this exhilarating helicopter tour in June is the best aerial adventure experience of catching crystalline views of landscapes from above the clear skies, such as rhododendron forests, rain-fed rivers, cascading waterfalls, valleys, verdant hills, remote villages, and colorful farmlands.

Attractions of Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour - Everest Assistance

  • The fastest and most convenient way of close encounters to the world’s tallest mountain
  • Magnificent aerial view of the famous Sagarmatha National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Fly over the Kalpatthar viewpoint and Everest Base Camp to explore the close-range view of majestic Everest, Khumbu Icefall, Khumbu Glacier, and other spectacular Khumbu Himalayas
  • A helicopter landing at Everest View Hotel to enjoy a delicious breakfast with a 360-degree view of the spectacular Himalayas
  • Shuttle from Pheriche with a max of three people with a window seat for every passenger
  • Twice helicopter landings at Lukla for fuel and Pheriche for shuttle offer you an opportunity for a quick glimpse into the rich culture and day-to-day life of the local Sherpa communities
  • Flying high from the alpine green forest to the arctic glaciated zone of ice and moraines
  • Captivating bird-eye view of the varying mountainous scenery, such as deep valleys, lush verdant hills, traditional villages, vibrant forests of pine and rhododendrons, lakes, rivers, and more from the sky

Reasons for a Helicopter Tour to Everest Base Camp Over Trekking

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour - Everest Assistance

Accessible to All

The Everest Base Camp helicopter tour is accessible to diverse age groups of people, including children, teenagers, old age, and disabled people. This tour is best suited for those people who desire to get closer to the world’s highest mountain but are physically unable to reach there through several days of trekking.

A helicopter tour is also an excellent choice for people with limited time to explore Mount Everest in a matter of hours. Furthermore, a helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp is the optimal way for individuals with health issues to experience the breathtaking scenery.

Quickest and Luxurious Approach

While a trek to Everest Base Camp takes about 10-15 days, the helicopter tour will only take an hour of flight from Kathmandu to reach the close of Mount Everest. So, the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour is the best option for people with limited time to travel to the Everest Himalayan region within a brief span.

Trekking requires several days of walking over rugged Himalayan trails with curves and bends to make it to the destination. However, this luxurious helicopter tour allows easy and quick access to the majestic Everest and returns within a day with unparalleled comfort and convenience.

Less Packing

As the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour is a one-day journey, you can pack lightly. Unlike long-duration EBC trek, you do not need so many items for this short helicopter journey. Moreover, during this adventurous trip in June, packing a few lightweight clothing items and a set of rain gear is enough.

Still, the journey involves significant altitude ranges from 1,400 meters (Kathmandu) to 5,644 meters (Kalapatthar). So be careful while packing by including a layer of clothing to fit the diverse weather and temperatures encountered during the tour.

You can include the following items in your daypack for a June tour of Everest Base Camp:

  • Fleece or down jackets for high-altitude chilly weather
  • Comfortable shoes for walking around after the helicopter landing at stopovers
  • Sun cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof gloves for rain protection and insulated gloves for warmth
  • Camera
  • Binoculars for a closer look at the distant scenery
  • Documents like permits and insurance papers
  • Water-resistant shirts and pants

Best Alternative to Everest Base Camp Trek

Mount Everest is a dream destination for many, but only a few could ever reach it. However, the helicopter flight has made it possible for numerous desirer people to have close confront to this tallest peak. For people who have long desired to visit Everest but could not make it there through the demanding trekking routes, the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour is one of the best alternatives.

A helicopter tour is a perfect option if you are unable to reach Everest Base Camp through trekking trails with several ascends, descends, twists, and turns. Without the need to deal with and overcome trek difficulties, you can comfortably enjoy the Himalayan views from different angles through a helicopter.

Safe and Convenient

The shorter duration of helicopter tours allows travelers to explore and experience the wonders of the Everest region in a fraction of the time. This makes the helicopter tour a convenient option for people with limited time schedules and physical constraints.

A helicopter flight to EBC is a safer option over trekking due to minimized exposure to altitude-related risks and physical exertion or fatigue. Unlike the trekking journey, which involves long hours of daily walks over the rustic and rugged mountainous terrains, you can have a safe and easy travel. Additionally, helicopters are equipped with experienced pilots and modern safety features, serving as a reliable mode of transportation for travelers.

Attractions of Flying over the Himalayan Landscapes in June

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour - Everest Assistance

  • A gentle touch of pleasant mountain wind, combined with the warm temperature.
  • The possible light rain shower in the evening or nighttime makes the morning fresh and bright, contributing a vivid clarity of mesmerizing landscapes from a helicopter.
  • The fresh air allows for a great viewing of the pristine white mountains in the Everest region.
  • The heavily blooming flowers of the spring get a refreshing touch of monsoon rain in June, which breathes life into the foliage. So, flying over the Sagarmatha National Park, you will be treated to a vibrant shade of lushness.
  • The contrast between lush greenery and snow-clad summits offers a captivating sight.
  • The view of glacier-fed rivers meandering through the valley and craving intricate patterns is magnificent from above.

Rewards of EBC Helicopter Tour in June

Everest Helicopter Tour with Overnight in Hotel Everest View

Best Ariel Adventure

The monsoon season is not fully settled in June, offering some of the best flying conditions for helicopter tours. You can experience the thrilling and adventurous flyover tour to the popular Everest region viewpoint, Kalapatthar, and the iconic Everest Base Camp in favorable weather and atmospheric conditions in June.

This tour in June is an enriching ariel adventure of a high-altitude flight over the Khumbu Himalayas. You can witness the close-up vista of the mighty Everest and other breathtaking snow-covered mountains in the Everest region. Moreover, catching a bird-eye view of the diverse stunning landscapes beneath is a lifetime experience.

Pleasant Climate and Lush Greenery

June offers a gentle transition from the mild spring months to the warmer summer. As June comes just after the end of spring, the temperatures will not be extremely hot but ideal for activities such as helicopter tours. June features pleasant climatic characteristics as spring, including green vegetation, clear skies, moderate climate, blooming flowers, and lush forests, which enrich the experience of the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour.

As the monsoon coincides with summer, June is generally hot and wet. However, the actual onset of monsoon in Nepal typically begins at the end parts of June. Hence, the early days of this month are relatively drier with less rainfall. Furthermore, the rain generally pours in the late afternoon and night, making the mornings beautiful with clear sunny skies and a fresh environment. With a gentle touch of the monsoons, the rich mountainous vegetation and lush greenery revive in June, offering incredible scenery.

Also, due to the stable weather conditions of June, the chance of flight cancellations because of adverse conditions is reduced at this time.

Crystalline Views

The mountainous environment in the morning is usually fresh and clean after the light monsoon showers in the evening and night. Moreover, the monsoon drapes the Himalayan landscapes in lush greenery. The bright sunshine, rain-washed refreshing nature, and dustless atmosphere contribute to an enhanced visibility of the vibrant Himalayan surroundings in June.

Skies in June are often clear with fewer clouds, offering the best mountain views of the majestic Everest region Himalayas. The vivid view of towering mountains against the crystal-clear azure skies unhidden by clouds is worth exploring from a height. Plus, the mountainside landscapes decorated with vibrant blossoms of varying rhododendron species add a mesmerizing contrast to these snowy peaks. The natural spectacle and unparalleled sharpness and detail of the clarity of which the Himalayan peaks can be observed during June greatly enrich the helicopter tour.

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How is the Everest Region Temperature in June?

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour - Everest Assistance

June is the starting month of summer/monsoon season when the mild temperatures of spring slowly transform into warm and sunny days. As the temperature gradually rises in June, you can enjoy the comfortable experience of a high-altitude helicopter fly-over of the Everest region. The temperature of different places in the Everest region in June is mentioned below.

Places Altitude Average Temperature Range
Lukla 2,860 meters/9,383 feet 15 -20 degrees Celcius
Pheriche 4,371 meters/14,340 feet 5 -10 degrees Celcius
Everest View Hotel 3,880 meters/12,730 feet 10-15 degrees Celcius
Kalapatthar 5,643 meters/18,514 feet 0 -10 degrees Celcius
Everest Base Camp 5,364 meters/17,598 feet 0 -10 degrees Celcius

This shows that the average temperature of the Everest region in June generally ranges from -10 to 20 degrees Celcius. So, you need to prepare accordingly for a comfortable and enjoyable helicopter tour of Everest Base Camp.

Though the days are comfortably warm, enhancing the pleasantness of the helicopter tour experience in June, mornings and nights are often frigid in high-altitude regions. Since our helicopter tour is a daytime adventure, it bypasses these temperature concerns at high-altitude points in the Everest region. This will ensure a comfortable experience for passengers without exposure to early morning and nighttime cold.

Preparations for a Helicopter Tour to Everest Base Camp in June

Rescue from Syngboche | Helicopter Rescue from Syangboche

Book the Flight: Book your helicopter tour in advance to ensure availability because June is a beautiful time for a helicopter flight to Everest Base Camp.

Dress in Layers: Layered clothing is essential to adjust to the varying weather and climatic zones of the tour. Pack a mix of dresses, including lightweight for daytime and warm clothing for morning and late afternoons. Also, carry sturdy shoes for walking at the layovers and windproof jackets for high-altitude regions.

Sun Protection: As the temperature is generally warmer in June with bright sunny days, you need to pack sun protection items to shield against the intense sun rays at higher altitudes. So, consider carrying UV-protected sunglasses, high SPF sunscreen, and a sunhat to prevent sunburn during the journey.

Health Conscious: Monitor your health and be wary of any altitude effects. Keep yourself regularly hydrated to avoid the symptoms of altitude sickness. After a helicopter landing at different points, do not haste to the altitudes. Exit slowly and enjoy a relaxed exploration of the outstanding mountain views.

Follow Safety Instructions: Carefully listen to safety briefings, emergency procedures, communication approaches, and more. Follow the instructions from the pilot and tour staff, such as fastening seatbelts and emergency exit methods, for a smooth, safe, and enjoyable experience.

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