If you have a quick question and would like to have quick answers to it, Here we try to display some of the most frequent questions and answers of them which is related about these trip that you are looking for, For more question you may also drop a line to us we will answer you within an hour. please drop your question here

Frequently asked the question ( FAQ)

01: How high is the Everest base camp ( EBC ) helicopter tour?

Everest base camp Helicopter flight tour is 4,000 m to 5,500 meters high or above in some areas (18000 feet).

02:  Will our Helicopter land at the Mount Everest Base Camp?

Yes, it can land at Everest base camp but we need very special permit to land the Helicopter at the Everest base camp. However Kalapather is the best view point of Mt. Everest,

Landing at the Everest base camp depends upon the weather as well as perfect landing areas, which sometimes can be hard to land when wind, avalanches, and rock falls might obstruct the landing spot. We can also fly over the Everest base camp.

03: How much time can we spend at the Everest base camp?

It depends on the season and weather, during peak and high season for mountaineering expeditions, the areas are full of camping with different expeditions to Mt. Everest climb.

However, it does allow landing for sometimes, just to click pictures and catch the views of the surrounding superb areas of Khumbu Ice Falls and glaciers. We will land at the Kala Patthar for the best view and click pictures with mount Everest backdrop. It is also good to know that we can not see the Mt. Everest from the Mt. Everest base camp.

04: How are the arrangements for safe drinking water on this trip?

We recommend you to carry your safe drinking water for the meantime and after we land at the Syangobche for the breakfast, we can buy the safe drinking water there.

05: Is there any extra hidden cost during the trip?

There are no such extra hidden charges after you book your trip with us. It includes your permit, Hotel-Airport-Hotel Pick up and drop, All Taxes and service charges are included

However, your food and drinks are not included and you need to pay for it by yourself.

 06:  How do I book Mount Everest helicopter tour with your company?

It is easy, you can book with us directly, we need your exact date for the trip and your copy of passport, We also need 30 % of advance for the booking, you can pay by card, bank transfer or online.

 07: I am traveling single, Can I join another group?

Yes, this is group joining trip, so all solo traveler can join. Please e-mail us with your preferred flight date. It helps to share the cost of Everest base camp helicopter tour.

08: Do you carry oxygen tanks in case of emergency?

Yes, we always have oxygen cylinders with us for emergencies.

09: How do I arrange for my charter?

You can either call us directly through the numbers given on the Contact details of our webpage or you can fill up the form given on the same page.

 10: How much does it cost?

There is no fixed cost, as it depends upon the Area where you wish to visit. Also helicopter you’re hiring and the service for which it is being hired. Please contact us if you have any inquiry about the costs.

11: Are there additional costs?

No. Provided that the itinerary has been followed as planned.

12:  How many passengers can you carry?

It depends upon the maximum carrying capacity of the particular helicopter that you’ve hired.

12: How much of advance notice is required prior to departure?

Around 2 to 3 hours.

13: What airports do you use?

We use both commercial and non-commercial airports provided that the runways & other amenities are suitable for operations of the specific Helicopter.

14: How much baggage is permitted?

15 kgs for airplane and 5-10 kgs for helicopters per person.

15: Will there be other passengers on my flight?

It depends upon how you wish to travel, it can be a group flight or it can be private tours. It will be as per your booking orders.

16: Will the aircraft wait for me if I get late?

Sure. But it would be nice if you stick to the timings or inform the crew in advance regarding your delay so that flight clearances can be amended accordingly.

17: Do you provide conveyance for getting to the airport?

Yes, if there’s a specific request made well in advance.

18: What are the documents required if I need to fly internationally?

Same as required for international travel by commercial airlines.

19: Are pets allowed on board?


20: Can I take my child on Everest base camp Helicopter tour?

It depends upon which Helicopter tour that you are doing, If you are doing High Altitude trips such as the Everest Base camp trip, it is recommended not to take children along with you who are below the age of 10 years.