Helicopter Ride to Everest Base Camp

The Everest Base Camp Experience by Helicopter

Helicopter Ride to Everest Base Camp has become one of the most famous trips in Nepal. This ride lets you explore the Khumbu region in a few hours. At the ease of the chopper, you can reach the highest peak of the world and Kalapathar’s viewpoint in a very short time.

Helicopter ride to Everest Base Camp is ideal for those who don’t have time to trek for hours and hours for many days. Similarly, disabled people who wish to explore the tallest peak of the world can do this tour within a few hours of time. People might be wondering how difficult it would be to explore Mt. Everest, but this luxurious tour has been designed for those who feel like they can find it difficult to trek. This thrilling tour offers magnificent views of pristine mountain peaks at a very close range. The major attraction of this tour is to have close up views of the world’s tallest peaks along with some other famous peaks.

The tour begins at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu. As the flight takes off you can see an eagle-eye view of many heritage sites of Kathmandu valley. As you move towards the eastern side, you will see the snow-capped peaks in front of your eyes. The chopper will land at the Lukla airport for a while to complete some procedures for your trip. During that time, you can enjoy the views of Lukla village surrounded by the Himalayan chain.

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Highlights of Helicopter Ride to Everest Base Camp

  • Enjoy the incredible Helicopter flight from Kathmandu to the base of the world’s highest peak.
  • Landing at Kala Patthar located at an altitude of 5545 meters in a matter of an hour.
  • You get to catch the eagle eye’s view and fly over the major places of the Everest Base Camp.
  • You will reach the Everest Base Camp, without a drop of sweat, with a comfortable helicopter flight.
  • You will dine in the Everest in one of the finest high altitude hotels in the world!
  • You will see some of the best mountain views in the world.

Outline Itinerary

  • Pick up from your Hotel at 6:00 AM, Drop you to the Kathmandu airport.
  • Kathmandu to Lukla Airport: 45-minute ride (fueling time is 10-15 minutes at Lukla )
  • Lukla to Kala Patthar is 25 minutes (landing time is 10-15 minutes)
  • Kala Patthar to Syangboche: 12 minutes (landing time is 30 minutes for breakfast)
  • After breakfast fly from Syangboche to Lukla to Kathmandu: 1 hour 20 minutes.
  • Pick up from the airport and transfer to your hotel in Kathmandu.

Best Time for Everest Helicopter Tour

The climate varies from season to season in the Everest Region. But we don’t have to hold ourselves from having this wonderful experience. We can have our flight around the Everest reason if the weather is fine at that particular time as it is a matter of a few hours.

We can not operate our flight on a rainy day. There is no point in having the flight as we can not get the proper views of the scenario. So it is better to avoid the trip during the monsoon.

Normally, the autumn and spring seasons are more appropriate to have our flight. The weather is very clear and stable in these seasons. The probability of raining as well as the humidity is very low.

In winter we can sometimes have foggy weather. But if the weather is clear then winter is the best time to have the Heli Tour. During winter the snow at those mountains thickens some extra inches. The extra snow boosts the beauty of the Himalayas to the next level.

It is the least appropriate to have the flight in Summer as the mountains face heavy rainfall most of the day. But, the tour can still be done on clear days. During summer weather can turn the other way around within a matter of seconds so one has to be very careful about it.

Everest Base Camp Fly Over

Helicopter Ride to Everest Base Camp Tour Cost

The cost for the helicopter ride to Everest Base camp ranges from $970-$1100. The cost depends on the facilities required by the customers.

There are two types of packages available for the helicopter ride to Everest Base Camp. They are given below:

Group Joining Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

1 or 2 Person: $1100

3 Person: $1050

4 Person: $1020

5 Person: $990

Private Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Single Shuttle: $4000-$4500

Double Shuttle: $4400-5100

Helicopter Model Used For Flights

The AS350b3e series of helicopters get flown in the Himalayas. These helicopters are manufactured in the United States of America by Eurocopter and Bell Helicopters. They are specially designed for high altitude conditions.

We use B-3, B-2, B3+ models of Helicopters that are ideal for flying in the mountains. These helicopters are versatile and are used in the rescue operation around the Everest region. We can accommodate a maximum of 5 persons on the B-3+ engine from Kathmandu to Syangboche.

The most weight allowed in the Syangboche to Kalapathar/ Everest base camp is 250KG. Hence, as the weight limit exceeds, the helicopter needs to take turns. The turns for a shuttle from Syangboche – Everest base camp – Kalapathar – Syangboche. We can accommodate 2-3 travelers at a time in one shuttle.

The rest can enjoy the stunning views of Mt. Everest while waiting for their turn. As the first group of travelers comes back you can proceed for the Everest base camp tour.

Everest Helicopter tour packing list

As a helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp is a short duration, trip you don’t need to pack your backpack like trekking. Having warm clothing will be enough for the tour. However, this list can help you with your tour.

  • Wear or carry Thermals and insulating down jacket
  • Woollen Gloves, socks and hats
  • Wind/waterproof down jacket, trouser
  • An excellent camera to capture memories
  • Sunscreens, Sunglasses and lip balms
  • Some Light snacks, chocolates, dry fruits
  • 2 Bottles of water
  • Fleece jacket

Weight Limit for the Helicopter ride to Everest Base Camp

In total, the weight limit will be 500 KG for the Everest base camp helicopter tour. Helicopter tour capacity is decided by the weight of a person on your trip, and the max is five people.

Every helicopter has a weight limit, the helicopter flight maximum number of 5 pax from Kathmandu. If there is a single, double, up to 3 pax, the helicopter will be flying directly to the Everest base camp. If there will be more than three pax helicopter flight will land at Pheriche. And there will be one more shuttle for Everest base camp flight tour with landing Kalapatthar.

  • 5 pax: 500 kg (one helicopter)
  • 4 pax: 350kg
  • 3 pax: 250kg
  • 2 pax: 150kg
  • 1pax: 80kg per one person

Places to Start Helicopter Ride to Everest Base Camp

Luka to Everest Base Camp

lukla to everest helicopter

One can join in for helicopter ride from Lukla to reach and land at Everest base camp. You can also drop at Kathmandu or Lukla airport while returning.

According to your holiday schedule to save time but also to get a glimpse of Everest at a close distance. You can take options for a Helicopter flight from Lukla and back or head straight to Kathmandu.

Namche to Everest Base Camp

namche to everest helicopter

Taking a helicopter ride from Namche to Everest Base Camp is a perfect choice for people who have a short duration and yet wish to see Mt. Everest.

In a short time of 15 min, you can cover almost 3-4 trekking days distance and can catch Mt. Everest at a stone throw distance along with other high mountains.

Phakding to Everest Base Camp

To catch close views of towering Mt. Everest after walking from Lukla to Phakding village, Trekkers can fly on helicopter straight to Everest Base Camp.

You can save your valuable time in Nepal taking great flight on the helicopter to reach base camp. You can use this opportunity to go to near about places and continue the flight back to land at Kathmandu.

Some trekkers who could not do the climb to high Namche Bazaar and beyond can take this flight. For people with mild altitude sickness who had to come down to recover can also fly from Phakding.

Tengboche to Everest Base Camp

After an enjoyable stay at beautiful Tengboche and its incredible monastery, it is a great idea to take the flight. It is beneficial for people with a desire to reach further but is bounded with a short time limit. They can take the opportunity with a Helicopter flight from Tengboche to get the closest views of Mt. Everest.

The ride takes you within a quarter of an hour to land near the Everest base camp area or at the base of Kalapathar hill from Tengboche. You can also enjoy the best panorama of mighty surrounding high mountains with the closest views of Mt. Everest.

After enjoying the fantastic scenery of peaks with the panorama of the Himalayan range.

One can drop at Lukla or continue Helicopter flight to reach back at Kathmandu in the comfort of a helicopter.

Everest base camp by Helicopter

Lobuche/Thukla to Everest Base Camp

Interested trekkers with a time limit or not feeling well can continue their journey either from Thukla or Lobuche. They can take this opportunity to fly to Everest base camp within a short period.

People who have trekked to Lobuche at the height of 4,900 m and in need of a relaxing break, can contact for the Helicopter ride. It will help you to cover your final destination to see Mt. Everest at close distance.

Taking less than ten minutes from Thukla or Lobuche will certainly relieve you from tough high altitude walk. You can also enjoy views either from Everest base camp or near the top of Kalapathar looking at Mt. Everest and surrounding peaks at its closest.

Explore all the highest peaks and go on a beautiful ride to Everest Base Camp. You can also return to Lukla or Kathmandu from the same flight. You can also take a regular flight from Lukla to Kathmandu. If you wish to explore more of Lukla after returning from Everest to Lukla taking the regular flight will be a good idea.

Pangboche to Everest Base Camp

People can take the opportunity in the comfort of the helicopter after walking to Pangboche village at the height of 3,900 m. They can cover a few days of trek to Everest Base Camp within 10 to 15 minutes.

Some people who couldn’t trek due to high altitude sickness might be interested to carry on higher up to reach Everest Base Camp.

It is a great relief where one can get close views of Mt. Everest after taking a ride in a chopper from Pangboche and surrounding high peaks.

Gorak Shep to Everest Base Camp

After a week of trekking to Gorak Shep and reaching a height of 5180 meters, one can feel tired and might also face some altitude sickness. In that case, you can fly from Gorak Shep to the base camp to save your time and energy.

If it does not land due to available landing space, a helicopter makes a swift around the base camp and lands near Kalapatthar. It is also a beautiful spot to catch Everest at the close with other giant peaks surrounded by a lovely viewpoint.

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Safety Tips

  • You should always wear your seat-belt during the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour with landing
  • Do not move from your designated seats during the flight
  • Do not throw any objects from the window during the flight
  • Stand during the flight is strictly prohibited
  • Do not smoke during the flight
  • Do not move towards the back of the helicopter as the Rotor fan of helicopter keeps moving

Travel Tips:

It is recommended to pre-plan the tour in a private group as early as possible. You can use the phone call service to make your inquiries and clear all your dilemmas. Budget planning depends on the information you collect. It’s better to have one or more extra days, so that if the weather does not support one day, in the off-season. You can also continue the tour the next day. For more inquiries, you can email to info@everestassistance.com

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