Managing Director. 

Mr. Mukti was born in a remote part of  Gorkha district, Nepal  where a famous mount Mansalu and its trekking trail is located,  He started his carrier in tourism from 1999 as an assistant guide for Manaslu circuit trekking route. Gradually he collected ideas and gained the knowledge about different trekking routes of Nepal. He worked as a trekking leader of Nepal’s trekking routes for many years. After gaining more knowledge and ideas of trekking, tour and hospitality he opened and owned his trekking company and operated trekking groups for trekking in Nepal. Slowly he was more interested and as always enjoyed in hospitality business he opened his own hotel in Kathmandu for serving more.

As always he looks for possibilities with positive thinking, though immediate assistance is needed for  many tourist and adventure lovers who travel and trek to the remote parts of Nepal’s Himalayan regions and caught with high altitude sickens as well as many other problem during their trek or travel, So he united with his skillful and knowledgeable friends to serve more in this hospitality business.

He was elected as a Secretary of Trekking agencies association of Nepal ( TAAN ) for the year of 2015 and 2016 at the same time he was a Coordinator of search and rescue coordinator of Nepal for mountain trekkers.

He has visited many countries dealing with many multinational assistance related organizations and service partners such as Japan, India, Europe, USA, Australia,