Gorakhshep to Lukla Helicopter

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Gorakhshep is the highest elevation where you will spend a night while trekking in Everest. After completing your Everest Base Camp trek or the Everest Base Camp Gokyo Lake Trekking, some trekkers want to fly back to Lukla in a helicopter. If you are among such trekkers, we present to you our Gorakhshep to Lukla Helicopter Tour.

Trekking to Everest Base camp is the most popular one among the brave and adventurous trekkers from around the world. There can be cases when you have shorter days in Nepal. You can grab both the opportunities of Everest base camp trek and the Everest base camp Helicopter tour. This will not only save your time but will also help you see the Everest region from an aerial view perspective.

When you are trekking, you might get injured or you might have bad health. If that happens while you are in Gorakhshep, you can immediately fly back to Lukla in our Gorakhshep to Lukla Helicopter.

How long is the Gorakhshep to Lukla Helicopter tour?

This helicopter tour from Gorakhshep to Lukla is a 20 minutes ride over the beautiful Khumbu region. In this short interval of time, you will see the amazing Himalayan peaks so near and so clear. You will see stunning aerial views of the entire Khumbu region.

You will see the beautiful hills with small settlements, you will see the beautiful Tengboche monastery. You will also see the bird’s eye view of Namche Bazaar. The 20 minutes inside the helicopter will pass by very fast.

Major Highlights of Gorakshep to Lukla Helicopter Tour

  • Aerial view of Tengboche monastery, the biggest monastery in Khumbu.
  • An easier alternative to escape the already traveled trekking trail.
  • Enticing Eagle’s eye view of Namche Bazar, the capital of Khumbu.
  • Flying over the Everest region.

Best Time for Gorakhshep to Lukla Helicopter Tour

We operate the helicopter tour, Gorakshep to Lukla all year round. However, Gorakhshep (5164 meters) is a high elevation. Weather at such a high elevation keeps changing unexpectedly. The helicopter flight from Gorakhshep to Lukla is directly influenced by the weather changes.

We operate helicopter flights during suitable weather conditions only. The seasons of Autumn and Spring are well known for stable weather. Because of the best weather conditions, there are lots of trekkers and visitors visiting Everest base camp at this time. Thus, our Gorakhshep to Lukla Helicopter is highly popular in these seasons.

Winter is the coldest time to trek. Yet, there are lots of people who reach out for Helicopter tours in winter as well. Also in monsoon, though the weather usually remains bad, mornings are usually clearer with stable weather. So, the trekkers who reach EBC return in the morning via the Gorakhshep to Lukla Helicopter.

Safe Landing and Delays

Sometimes, due to unexpected weather change in the Everest region, we might have to land somewhere on the way. Helicopters in Everest operate in Visual Flying Rules (VFR). So, a helicopter cannot fly if the visibility is not good. In such cases, the helicopter has to land somewhere.

There are various places where helicopter landing is safe. You don’t have to worry at all. Our pilots know well what to do and where to land if the weather gets worse. Delays can happen, but we will regulate the helicopter flight as soon as it is safe to fly in the air again.

Some Safety Tips on Gorak Shep to Lukla Helicopter Tour

  • Fasten your seat belt on board.
  • Avoid standing or changing seat during your flight.
  • Do not throw any objects from the helicopter during your flights.
  • Do not smoke during the flight.
  • Do not hurry to get in or get out of the helicopter. Wait until the operators ask you to do so.

Also Available: Gorakhshep to Kathmandu Heli Tour

If you find it tedious to fly from Gorakhshep to Lukla via Helicopter and board on the Lukla to Kathmandu flight in a plane again, we have an easier alternative. You can directly fly from Gorakhshep to Kathmandu in our Gorakhshep to Kathmandu Helicopter tour. This tour is easier. You don’t have to put any effort into getting off in Lukla and going through added formalities at Lukla airport for Kathmandu flight.

This flight along with being easier is more expensive than the Gorakhshep to Lukla. The expense adds because of the added distance and comfort.

Mostly Asked Questions

How experienced are the pilots?

Our pilots are highly experienced. They are regularly trained to meet the standards set by CAA Nepal. They are skilled and are familiar with the latest techniques and information on flying.

I have motion sickness. Should I take the anti-motion sickness pills?

Well, our helicopters, they provide a smooth ride. But if you have motion sickness, it is always good to take the pills. We also advise you not to ride the helicopter with an empty stomach. Have a filling meal before you board on the helicopter.

Can I bring my children on the helicopter?

Yes, we do not have any age limit. If your child is good to sustain the high altitude of Everest base camp, you can bring them. But you should be careful before talking to your children at such altitudes.

Is the Helicopter tour safe?

We operate the best possible tours with experienced pilots. They have ample flying experiences in the highland Himalayas. They have actual portrayals of the places and their locations. Also, they have ideas on when and where to land during emergencies. So, feel safe to go on our helicopter tour.

Should I carry a water bottle on the Heli ride?

It is always a good idea to carry drinking water during the flight. One bottle shall be enough. Do not carry more as you can buy them when you land in Lukla.

Can I take photographs during my flight?

Of course, you can! The Helicopter has small sliding windows from where you can get your lens out. Capture the adorable Himalayas and impressive landscapes.

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