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You might have already knowledge about your destination place but, let us give you a quick summary.

Dhorpatan is not a new name for hunters across the world. They all know this place as the home of the only hunting reserve in Nepal, the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. Ever since the establishment of the hunting reserve in 1987, the Dhorpatan area started to get visitors. Otherwise, it is an off-the-beaten place where no one reaches to explore. All thanks go to the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve for fetching the sports hunters around the globe.

“Patan” from the word “Dhorpatan” means the flat meadows. So yeah, the Dhorpatan hunting area is stretched with numerous green flat fields, merely by 50%. It covers 1,325km2 total, and its elevation ranges from 2,850m to 5,500m. The geographical conditions are just perfect to become the home of many rare and common natural beings.

You will see vegetations like fir, birch, hemlock, oak, juniper, spruce, pine, and rhododendron commonly inside the Dhorpatan. Likewise, animals like Leopard, Goral, Himalayan Tahr, Barking Deer, Wild Boar, Langur, Blue Ship, Red Panda, Musk Deer, and more can be found inside the area. The one to look out for in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is Blue Ship; it is found in good numbers inside the park. Moreover, the protected area is also great for bird watching as you will see bird species like Danphe, Partridge, and Pheasants.

Of all the endangered and common species, the allowed targets for hunting are Jharal(Himalayan Tahr) and Nayur(Himalayan Blue Ship), Wild Boar, Spotted Deer, and Barking Deer. This site is a must-visit place not just for hunting but for trekking and exploring. Located on the southern part of Mt Dhaulagiri, the Dhorpatan Area is quite picturesque as well. You can do Dhorpatan Trek, which goes through the reserve site to the Phagun Phedi(3,850m).

You can reach this place via roadways travelling in a bus or jeep. But you can ask for a Helicopter Charter to Dhorpatan; that will be the quickest way to reach the hunting ground.

Everest Assistance, a leading helicopter service provider in Nepal, runs helicopter charters to various destinations in Nepal, including Dhorpatan. If you want to have one, just remember us.

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Helicopter Charter to Dhorpatan

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