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One of the most popular climbing peak in Nepal, Mera Peak, is irresistibly charming with splendid landscapes, towering hills, and valleys. It’s scenic up there, with glimpses of endless snow-capped mountains, rocky cliffs, and sheer glaciers.

Trails passing through forested hills and ice slopes are exhilarating but traumatic as well. For many trekkers, it’s hard to combat the rugged trails covered with rocks and boulders. The steep trail makes it even worse, not letting the hikers rest even for a bit.

Hikers of Mera Peak are no stranger to severe injuries and chronic knee pain, which usually need proper medical treatment. Thus, many trekkers get rescued by a helicopter during and after the trek to prevent fatalities.

Mera Peak Helicopter rescue

Mera Peak has been an incredible destination for mountaineers over decades, given the easy accessibility and scintillating views. It’s sweeping sceneries with an impressive mountain pass, sheer glaciers, and arid mountain landscapes.

Unfortunately, to catch a glimpse of such unreal views, trekkers have to surpass the rough trails with many highs and lows. That’s not all; they’ll even have to climb down the track on the way home, which is even more strenuous.

Climbing up the elevation of 21,247 ft and descending one more time is depressing for anyone. Sometimes, trekkers often rent a private heli while flying back to the city to escape the jagged trails. Most of them are rescued by helicopter after getting injured or extremely exhausted with no energy to continue the excursion.

Considering the severe medical conditions of climbers, they are retrieved from the mountain by heli. Trekkers suffering from the adrenaline rush and increasing blood pressure are also flying back to the city as early as possible to avoid any serious health issues.

Mera Peak Helicopter rescue is a true lifesaver for mountaineers who have been struggling with breathing problems or altitude sickness. The air pressure is extremely low at the peak, which causes trekkers to suffer from fatigue, insomnia, and headache.

Following the health conditions, trekkers are provided emergency services and rescued on aircraft by pilots. These trained aviators ensure that the hiker gets back safely to their home without any casualties.


1. Do I need travel insurance for Mera Peak Helicopter rescue?

Trekkers don’t need to have travel insurance for Mera Peak helicopter rescue as many private helicopters are compliant to provide the service. However, with travel insurance, they’ll cover your cost of medical emergencies and other losses. They’ll ensure that you get the needed medical attention, including supplemental oxygen, while returning to the valley.

2. How difficult is Mera Peak Trek?

Mera Peak may be a moderate trekking mountain with a few icy slopes and glaciers, but it can be challenging for beginners. Those who haven’t hiked before will find the peak impossibly tricky, especially the rocky trails and snowy ridge.

Continuous altitude increase and lower oxygen level also raise the extremity. Frostbite, ankle pain, and dizziness are common among Mera Peak hikers, which is why a lot of them have to be rescued via helicopter.

3. How safe is it to fly via helicopter during Mera Peak Trek?

It’s pretty safe to take a private flight to and fro Mera Peak, especially for those who have been wounded. Our pilots are well-trained and experienced in flying the helicopter in such extreme conditions. They are trained to handle any extreme weather conditions and fly the hikers safely back to the valley.

4. How high does the helicopter fly while rescuing trekkers from Mera Peak?

Pilots fly above 5,000 meters during Mera Peak helicopter rescue, ensuring the safety of hikers. The aircraft is not intended to fly high to avoid passengers’ acute mountain sickness and make the situation any worse.

5. Can the helicopter rescue from Mera Peak be delayed?

Yes, the Mera Peak Helicopter rescue can be delayed if the weather is poor. Extreme high winds and foggy weather often disturb the flight and cause a delay in return.

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Mera Peak Helicopter Rescue

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