Rara Lake Helicopter Tour

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Rara Lake Helicopter Tour is a dream trip to the largest Rara Lake located in the Mugu District. Bounded by Rara National Park, Rara Lake is synonymously known as the queen of Lakes, which is beautifully located at the 2990 meters above sea level in western Nepal. You can enjoy and explore this biggest lake of Nepal that has been surrounded the massive white peaks and by the pine forest in a single day in the helicopter.

The access to the Lake by road is a bit lengthy as it is remotely located. Trekking or Driving via Jumla is a long way. Everest Experience and Assistance arranges a Helicopter tour to Rara Lake on your suitable schedule. This trip has been designed for travelers with tight schedules who still want to enjoy one of the best travel destinations in the world.

This tour starts from Kathmandu where you will be flown by helicopter and will be taken to Nepalgunj airport for refueling. You will be flown over the sky of western Nepal towards Rara Lake in the North after refueling. You can get the views of mountains, hills, local settlements, and many other small lakes. This tour takes about 4 hours from Kathmandu and provides enough time to explore the Rara Lake.

Highlights of Rara Lake Helicopter Tour

  • As it is remotely located, this area is far from noise and pollution
  • Exploring Rara, the queen of Lakes, that changes color naturally
  • Horse riding, and boating
  • Being in a romantic atmosphere, surrounded by birds’ sounds, and tranquility
  • Eyecatching view of Himalayan panorama

What is the cost of the Rara Lake Helicopter Tour?

The prices for your journey to Rara Lake can vary from US$ 2000-8000 per person.

The cost of your trip from Kathmandu to Rara lake depends on the following things:

  • Accommodation, Meals, and Drinks
  • Size of group
  • Length of the trip.

Everest Experience and Assistance organize Rara Lake Helicopter tour for families, couples,  individuals, and a group of friends. We offer reasonable prices for Rara Lake Helicopter Tour. It includes helicopter charter flight expenses from Kathmandu to pristine Rara Lake and also returns to Kathmandu. The package cost will be different according to the services you choose and your group size (the number of persons you travel together). You can simply send us an inquiry with the number of the person you are traveling with and we will get back to you with the accurate price including the list of services within 24 hours.

Contact us for the pricing details.

Best Time to Visit Rara Lake

The ideal time to visit the lake would be from March to May. The weather is mild, the rhododendrons are blooming everywhere filling the mountain trails with color, the sky is clear and the lake is a crystal blue during this time of the year. It is also a perfect time for a helicopter tour as the view from above the lake is incredible.

September, October, and November are another choice, as Monsoon is over and winter has not yet arrived. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold and the skies are cloudless. For trekking, driving, and flying, this time of year is perfect. You won’t be disappointed if you travel during this time of the year!

If you are going to be in Nepal in June, July, or August, and still want to visit Rara lake, it is not impossible, just more of an adventure! You could expect long rains, monsoon season, muddy trails, and very likely landslides that can prevent continuing on a trail and forcing you to change your route. Due to the bad weather condition, the flights might be canceled.

The months of December, January and February are not ideal times to visit in considering its elevation of more than 3500 meters, and its remote location. The temperatures are very cold and the passes are covered with snow. And roads and airports are often shut down so taking a helicopter tour is not possible. One strange fact of the lake is that no matter how cold the weather gets the lake never freezes!


This is an overall helicopter tour package for Rara Lake Helicopter Tour. The itinerary can be customized according to your choices and the appropriate timings. For further details, you can email to info@everestassistanc.com, or for instant call/message +977-9801 360911 (Mukti), +977-9801 366911 (Subash)

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  • You will be picked up by a tourist vehicle by our representative in your hotel and will be taken to the airport.
  • After all the checking process you will be departed from Kathmandu airport.
  • The flight then takes off and first stops at Nepalgunj/Surkhet for Refueling.
  • Land at Rara whereby you can enjoy the panoramic view of the lake, hills, and mountains.
  • The helicopter will then return, again stops at Surkhet for refueling and heads back to Kathmandu, giving you a final glimpse of the tranquil mountains and vegetation.
  • Land at Kathmandu and drop by our vehicle to your convenient location.

Everyday as per the booking dates and also the flexible dates submitted by you, it is Guaranteed.

Cost Includes

  • All pick up and drop facilities.
  • National park fees.
  • All taxes.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Rara Lake Helicopter Tour
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/ Adult
  • Rara Lake
  • 02-05
  • Throughout the year
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  • Rara National Park

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